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CNN's New Year's Eve Weed Segment Gets Mixed Reviews (Photos)

CNN's New Year's Eve Weed Segment Gets Mixed Reviews (Photos) Promo Image

As part of its New Year's Eve program, CNN aired a live report from Denver, Colorado, showing people smoking marijuana on a party bus and later at a marijuana dispensary. 

The network's New Year's Eve broadcast, hosted by correspondent Anderson Cooper and comedian Andy Cohen, is intended as light-hearted entertainment to welcome in the new year. But some viewers didn't think the segment sent the right message. 

"Can someone explain why CNN is showing people smoking weed with a bong??!!" wrote one viewer on Twitter, according to the Daily Mail. "My kids are watching this for the ball drop and I had to turn it all off!"

"Ok black men are IN JAIL for SELLING WEED and CNN is interviewing white people smoking weed and painting," wrote another. 

Although the New Year's Eve broadcast isn't presented as serious news, some viewers thought the report was too casual, casting the network's journalism in a bad light. 

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"A #CNN reporter just lit some dude's bong live on #CNNNYE before talking about different types of weed and her party bus's lack of a stripper pole," wrote one viewer, according to the Daily Mail. "I see 2018 journalism's off to a great start." 

The segment was reported by Randi Kaye, a CNN correspondent on "Anderson Cooper 360." During the broadcast, Kaye interviewed partygoers and showed the various ways attendees were consuming marijuana, including a bong with a gas mask. Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado. 

Kaye did not smoke any marijuana herself, but joked about maybe picking up some edibles while at the dispensary. 

"Dose yourself properly, Randi. We don't want any trouble from you," Cohen said.

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When the segment was over, Cohen asked his co-host about Kaye's experience with marijuana. 

"Is Randi Kaye like, a notorious stoner that I don't know about," Cohen asked. 

"No, not at all," replied Cooper. "She's just very game to report and go to the front lines on things." 

More reactions poured in on social media as Kaye's report continued.

"Now we have [Kaye] showing off the gas mask bong and dudes ripping it on the Cannibus," wrote one Twitter user, according to Fortune. "I love #CNNNYE, the New Year's special that speaks to America's heart." 

"I'm convinced Randi Kaye will be in 2018 before the rest of us," wrote another Twitter user, according to the Daily Mail. "She's gonna float right into it." 

One Twitter user criticized the report and compared it to last year's broadcast which included CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon drinking and getting his ear pierced on air. 

"So last #NYE [Lemon] got drunk on live tv & this year #RandiKaye is smoking pot?! Oh [CNN] you are not doing yourselves any favors. This is not news, this is trash tv. Stop it!" 

Sources: Daily Mail, Fortune / Featured Image: Pixabay/ Embedded Images: Christopher J. Scalia/Twitter, Stephen Samaniego/Twitter

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