Clumsy Armed Robber Nabbed While Repeatedly Dropping Items At The Scene (Video)

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A clumsy armed robber was foiled on Thanksgiving Day after a gas station clerk in Florida cleverly stalled the gunman and loaded him up with an unwieldy haul of items he couldn’t seem to carry.

Johnny Antron Love, 22, was arrested Thursday morning when police found him fumbling to pick up stolen bottles of beer he spilled in the parking lot.

Clerk David Paul-Lamour told WSVN-TV Love pointed a gun at him and asked for the money at 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

"The guy just basically came inside and wanted to get the money," Paul-Lamour said. "He just tried to rob, put the gun to my face.”

Someone outside reportedly dialed 911, but Love also tripped a silent alarm inside the store.

The clerk attempted to befriend the robber.

"I gave him the money, and he started taking the money, and I said, 'Oh, let me bag it for you,' so I started bagging it, and I said, 'You know what? You should double bag it. I'm just stalling, waiting for them [police] to come."

He recommended the Love take anything else he wanted. The suspect gathered some gum and then helped himself to beer. At one point, Love drops his gun while fumbling with the items.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect picking up the beer, oblivious to an officer standing in front of him. When he sees the cop, he takes off running, cash flying behind him.

"Officers arrived and observed the offender attempting to conceal the money that was taken,” said Miami Gardens Police Detective Michael Wright.

Love was captured and taken into custody. He faces armed robbery charges.

"I'm just glad that I'm going to get to see my son. That was the only thing that was on my mind,” said Paul-Lamour.

Sources: TheBlaze, WSVN-TV


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