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Clowns Terrorize Small California Towns (Photos)

Residents of a small town in California have recently reported being terrorized by a clown, and now, other towns in the area have been plagued with clown sightings.

California’s San Joaquin Valley has been home to a number of clown sightings recently, and the small town of Wasco has seemingly been the epicenter with multiple sightings since the beginning of this month.

“I just seen him about three times already,” said Wasco resident Anthony Garza. “But yeah, he's creepy.”

The clown terrorizing Wasco has reportedly taken to Instagram and Twitter to document where he’s at and what he’s doing, and it’s got some residents following his trail.

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“Some of the residents go in cars searching for him,” said local Noah Sanchez. “They have flashlights and try and spot him in neighborhoods after he posts to Twitter.”

Just this past weekend in Bakersfield, police were called about a clown with a gun walking through a neighborhood. When they arrived, however, he had vanished.

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“We've had multiple of these clown sightings all over town," said Bakersfield police Lt. Jason Matson. "He was gone by the time we arrived.”

Officers in that same town say they arrested a teenager last week who admitted to dressing up as a clown and chasing down little children.  

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Back in Wasco, Sanchez says he doesn’t think that there’s anything to worry about.

“It's kinda [sic] fun, though, to get us in the Halloween spirit,” said Sanchez to KGET.

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