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Clovis Unified School District in California Sued for Teaching 'Plenty of Sleep' Prevents STDs

The Clovis Unified School District in California, which serves 39,000 students in Fresno County, is being sued for using a textbook that tells high school students to avoid STDs by respecting themselves and each other, getting plenty of sleep, going out on dates in groups and practicing abstinence.

Another text compares a non-virginal woman to a dirty article of clothing and claims men are unable to control themselves after becoming sexually aroused, reports

The school district does not teach about condoms or other means of contraception.

The lawsuit has been filed by the American Academy of Pediatrics California District IX and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network.

Carolyn Laub, Executive Director of Gay-Straight Alliance Network, said in a statement: “Young people, experts, and legislators have agreed that schools must provide comprehensive and relevant sex ed in order to keep California’s students healthy. By ignoring the law, Clovis schools put all students at risk and particularly harm lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth, who need unbiased information to make healthy decisions.”

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Kelly Avants, district spokeswoman, said Clovis Unified follows state education law that promotes abstinence as "the only 100% surefire way to prevent pregnancy." Asked about allegations that the district omits information about condoms and contraception, she declined to comment.


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