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Clorox Sparks Racial Uproar With Bleach Tweet

A recent tweet by Clorox caused outrage on Twitter.

Clorox tweeted a Clorox bottle made up of Apple's new emojis — smiley faces and icons used for text messaging — that the tech giant released for its iPhone iOS.83 update this week, noted CNN.

Business Insider reports that what makes these emojis special is that they are made up of ethnically diverse skin tones.

Along with its bottle of emojis, Clorox tweeted, "New emojis are alright but where's the bleach."

This caused outrage on Twitter, so Clorox removed the tweet and added, "Wish we could bleach away our last tweet. Didn't mean to offend — it was meant to be about all the (toilet, bathtub and red wine) emojis that could use a clean up."

Some Twitter users responded:

"too late buddy"

"'Bleach away.' Do you even read your own tweets? What the actual f*** are you doing right now? #BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson"

"dumb f***! Ur lucky I know no other bleach brand. You know what!? I'll just wear off "bone" colored clothing from now on. Thanks"

Other Twitter users said no apology was needed.

In addition to the Twitter apology, Clorox spokeswoman Molly Steinkrauss said in a statement:

"We apologize to the many people who thought our tweet about the new emojis was insensitive. It was never our intention to offend. We did not mean for this to be taken as a specific reference to the diversity emojis — but we should have been more aware of the news around this. The tweet was meant to be light-hearted but it fell flat."

Sources: Business Insider, CNN, Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter Screenshot


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