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Clip Of Elaborate Surprise Marriage Proposal Goes Viral In Just A Day (Video)

A handyman’s elaborate surprise to his girlfriend has gone viral.

In the clip, the man decides to give his girlfriend a custom-built jewelry armoire as a gift for their two-year anniversary, which according to the video was yesterday, October 9. As the woman unveils the armoire, she seems completely shocked that he made it for her from scratch. She is almost in tears as she goes through each drawer and pulls out little surprises like boxes of snack bars and brownie mix.

The girl’s family stands around filming and taking pictures as she moves from one drawer to the other until, finally, she gets to the very last drawer, and at that moment, she discovers a small box with an engagement ring inside.

The woman is obviously shocked and begins to cry as her boyfriend gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She says yes before they come in for a long embrace.

It’s no surprise that the clip now has almost 1.5 million views since being posted early today. The woman, Carly Stene, said in the description on YouTube that she is “beyond blessed and excited" by her now-fiancé Blake's proposal.

Sources: Huffington Post, Right This Minute


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