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Clip Of Dog In Backyard During Heavy Rain Sparks Controversy (Video)

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Footage of a dog in an Alabama man’s backyard during a heavy rainstorm sparked controversy and prompted involvement from the local police. 

Concerned citizens across the nation reached out to the Albertville Police Department after a video posted to local news station WHNT’s Facebook page showing a dog chained in a backyard during a heavy rainstorm went viral. 

The video was posted on Aug. 19, and Marshall County animal control brought the dog shelter later that day. Animal control officer Kevin Hooks said he worked with a local shelter to bring a dog house to the home, and also spoke to the owner about taking better care of his pet. Hooks said the owner was appreciative and receptive to the advice.

The dog, according to Hooks, was in good health and not malnourished.

“Thanks for bringing out this doghouse to this beautiful dog that had been without shelter,” a neighbor wrote online after the situation was resolved. “Today I saw the owners feeding the dog. Thank goodness. I saw Albertville Police come to talk to them so maybe they got the message and will take better care of their pets. Thanks to the Second Chance people for making it happen.”

The video was reportedly posted by a neighbor of the dog’s owner as part of an ongoing feud between the two. In a previous incident between the neighbors, the man who recorded the video put antifreeze in the dog owner’s yard to intimidate them.

The family that owns the dog later clarified that their pet had a dog house prior to the incident shown in the video.

“The dog had a shelter that he tore down himself while the owners were out of town, and he is on a chain because of the anti-freeze and other incidents,” the Albertville Police Department wrote on Facebook.

“We consider the situation resolved,” Hooks said.

Sources: WHNT, YouTube / Photo credit: WHNT


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