Clinton, Trump Tied In States That Could Swing Election

New polling indicates that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump are in a dead-heat in two key swing states that could help decide the November election.

On Sept. 26, hours before both major party nominees are set to have their first national debate, a new CNN/ORC poll found that Clinton and Trump are neck-and-neck in Colorado and Pennsylvania, CNN reports.

In Colorado, Trump leads with 42 percent among likely voters while Clinton is right behind with 41 percent. Meanwhile, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson garners 13 percent, a larger base of support than he has been gaining nationally. Green Party nominee Jill Stein comes in last with 3 percent support.

In Pennsylvania, Clinton is in front of the pack with 45 percent while Trump comes in second with 44 percent. Johnson currently has 6 percent in the Keystone state while Stein is again in last place with 3 percent.

All results fall within the poll’s margin of error, indicating that both key battleground states could ultimately become a coin toss in November.

Breaking down the data, the survey results found that support for Clinton or Trump largely depends on education. In Pennsylvania, white college graduates prefer Clinton by 11 percentage points. In Colorado, that same demographic sides with Clinton by 16 percentage points.

Meanwhile, whites without a college degree favor Trump by 19 percentage points in Pennsylvania. In Colorado, they favor the business mogul by 22 percentage points.

The survey also found that Colorado voters’ preferences are defined by education while in Pennsylvania, the gap is more defined by gender and race.

The poll also found that Johnson is making gains with younger voters and that his support is cutting into Clinton’s base more than it is hurting Trump.

Colorado and Pennsylvania voters are most concerned by the U.S. economy and give Trump an edge on righting the country’s financial course. Clinton scores higher on nearly all metrics of being qualified for the presidency except for honesty.

The GOP nominee comeback in Colorado marks a huge reversal. In August, the Clinton campaign had stopped airing television ads in the state because their lead was so formidable, according to CBS News.

Aggregating the last 10 national polls released since Sept. 19, Real Clear Politics found that Clinton still leads a four-way race with an average 1.7 percentage points.

Sources: CBS NewsCNN, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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