Clinton: GOP In 'Fantasy World' Hoping For Her Arrest


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told NBC's Matt Lauer that Republicans who wish to see her indicted over her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State are living in "fantasy" world.

"I know that they live in that world of fantasy and hope because they've got a mess on their hands on the Republican side. That is not going to happen," she told Lauer in an interview that aired on the TODAY Show on April 8.

"There is not even the remotest chance that is going to happen," Clinton continued. "They've been after me, as I say, for 25 years. And they have said things about me repeatedly that have been proven to be not only false, but kind of ridiculous."

During the interview with Lauer, Clinton also addressed the tension between Republican candidates for president, despite recently having several heated exchanges with her rival Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

"In my analysis, and I think it's fair, Donald Trump agrees with Republicans on many of the hot button issues," she said. "What he said about abortion, for example, his absolute insulting action toward immigrants, calling them rapists and criminals, he is expressing, maybe in more colorful language, what Republicans believe."

Sanders recently made headlines for suggesting that Clinton was "unqualified" for the presidency, a comment he garnered criticism for. Sanders made the comment after Clinton suggested the same of the Vermont Senator.

"Here's the truth. I've known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. I respect Hillary Clinton. We were colleagues in the Senate and on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than either of the Republican candidates," he clarified in an interview on the TODAY Show, CBS News reported.

When asked by reporters about Sanders' criticism on April 7, Clinton simply laughed it off.

"Well, it's kind of a silly thing to say," she said. "But I'm going to trust the voters of New York who know me and have voted for me three times -- twice for Senate and once in the presidential primary. I don't know why he's saying that, but I will take Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump or Ted Cruz any time, so let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election."

Sources: TODAY, CBS News / Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr

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