Clinton Dominates Trump Among Hispanics, Poll Finds


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is reportedly the favorite candidate among Hispanic voters. 

A poll released Feb. 25 by Univision and The Washington Post puts Clinton ahead of all candidates in both parties in the race to attract Hispanic voters.

Clinton reportedly carries 39 percent of Hispanic voters polled, followed by her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Politico reports. Sanders, however, only received 19 percent support.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida had the most Hispanic support of any Republican candidate, with 8 percent.

The poll is released following the Feb. 20 Democratic Nevada caucus, in which Sanders reportedly had 8 percent more Hispanic votes than the former Secretary of State, The Washington Post notes.

Overall, Hispanic voters side much more with the Democratic Party than the Republicans. Pew Research Center finds that 62 percent of Hispanic voters are Democrats compared to 36 percent Republican, reports CNN.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump captured the most Hispanic support in the Feb. 23 GOP Nevada caucus, with 46 percent of the Hispanic vote.

“You know what I’m really happy about, because we’ve been saying it for along time?" Trump asked following the results, according to CNN. "Forty-six percent with the Hispanics! Forty-six percent! Number one with Hispanics."

Despite Trump’s impressive Nevada showing, he still maintains strong opposition from most Hispanic voters. According to the Univision-Post poll, roughly 80 percent of Hispanic voters have an “unfavorable” view of Trump, and seventy percent have a "very unfavorable view" of him, The Washington Post reports.

Clinton would definitively win more Hispanic votes than any Republican rivals, the poll notes.

While Clinton still has more Hispanic support than Sanders, the Vermont Senator is gaining on her. Since summer 2015, Bernie Sanders’ favorability jumped from 16 to nearly 60 percent among Hispanic voters. Sixty-seven percent of Hispanic voters view Clinton favorably. 

Hispanic voters could play a more significant role than ever in the 2016 presidential election.  Hispanics constitute the largest minority group in the U.S., making up 17 percent of the population, reports US News. 

Sources: CNN, Politico, US News, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (2)

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