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Clinton Supporters Worried After Huge Loss In New Hampshire, Close Call In Iowa

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Following a major loss to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton supporters are reportedly panicking over the kind of message her campaign is sending.

Clinton's allies expressed doubts about her campaign and its message, saying that it mirrors her 2008 loss to President Barack Obama.

"I love her but I still don’t understand what her campaign is about," a longtime supporter told The Hill, adding that Clinton's failure to provide a singular message as to why she should win the presidency is proving to be a major issue.

Clinton expected a loss in New Hampshire, but the added close call in Iowa has supporters worried about her chances.

"Something needs to happen," another supporter said. "How they let a guy who was so far behind in the polls a few months ago come so close to winning Iowa and killing her in New Hampshire is crazy to me."

Douglas Schoen, founding partner and principal strategist for a market research, political polling and strategic consulting firm, agrees.

"Hillary Clinton is in real trouble unless she develops a positive, proactive message that does more than tries to imitate and match Bernie Sanders’ populist democratic socialist agenda," Schoen told Politico. 

"She must offer a vision for where she wants to lead America and what her presidency will be about," he added. "Otherwise, she will remain vulnerable and will face a long and difficult fight for the nomination."

Republican political consultant Beth Myers isn't so optimistic about Clinton's chances.

"Her dishonesty over her email server has turned into a legal problem that keeps bubbling and bubbling and bubbling," Myers said. "She’s a Wall Street candidate running in an anti-establishment election cycle, delivering a muddled message to an electorate looking for clarity of vision."

Sources: The Hill, Politico / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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