Climber Captures Footage Of Walk Along Edge Of Norwegian Mountain (Video)


A Norwegian climber captured an intense moment on camera as he walked the edge of a massive mountain.

32-year-old Simen Olsen was able to capture himself walking along the edge of Mount Stetinden, Norway’s National Mountain, using a camera attached to his chest. The video, which is less than a minute long, shows just how high up Olsen was and just how risky the climb along the edge was.

“Experience of a lifetime, but doubt if I'll going on tour again,” Olsen said, according to the video on LiveLeak. “I feel a bit queasy every time I watch it.”

Commenters seem to agree, with some pointing out that the climber has no rope attached to him.

“I have climbed some pretty wild mountain ranges my self but you use ropes attached to the next person and so forth,” said user AussieAussie. ”This is just asking for a mistake to happen.”

Take a look at the terrifying clip below.

Source: LiveLeak


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