Climate Change Denier Ken Mampel Keeps “Global Warming” out of Hurricane Sandy Wikipedia Article

Original: is a popular online encyclopedia that is crowd-sourced by volunteers. One of those volunteers, Ken Mampel, has made sure that the Hurricane Sandy entry makes no mention of “global warming” or “climate change."

Mampel, 56, told "I don’t believe that climate change bullcr*p."

When told that a two-degree increase in the water temperature in the Atlantic could have had an effect on Hurricane Sandy, Mampel responded that he doesn't care and still wasn't going to mention climate change in the Wikipedia entry, reports

"All I am is a contributor. I have no title, I'm just a Joe Blow," said Mampel, who is currently unemployed in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Another user backed Mampel and wrote on the article's 'Talk' page that the Hurricane Sandy page is "not the place to push global warming when no evidence exists that this was a cause."

However, others disagree, which is why the Wikipedia entry now warns readers: "The neutrality of this article is disputed."


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