Climate Change Denier Goes to Kids Science Fair (Parody Video)

There are several climate change deniers in Congress these days who reject the scientific claim that global warming is caused by human activity.

According to ThinkProgress.org, 58 percent of Republicans currently in Congress deny that climate change is caused by man. Additionally, 161 lawmakers have accepted directly or indirectly (via front groups) over $54 million from the energy industry.

The League of Conservation Voters, Organizing for Action and SHFT recently released a parody video (below) that shows what happens when a fictional congressman "Jason Sherman" takes his daughter to her school's science fair, notes Salon.com.

Sherman is immediately ticked off when he sees a little girl with a science project explaining the dangers of greenhouse gases. The girl's poster reads "CO2 vs. O2."

"Who put you up to this?" Sherman grills the girl.

Sherman tears down the girl's science project before confronting a little boy about his scientifically accurate project.

He then attacks another boy who has a project about balloons using hot air.

"Well, look at you, a slave to the balloon industrial complex! Dance puppet!" yells Sherman, before security guards remove him.

Sources: ThinkProgress.org and Salon.com


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