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Cleveland Teen Will Smidlein Hacks Vine

Will Smidlein, 16, of Cleveland, Oh., managed to bypass Vine’s six-second video limit Monday night, uploading the entire three-minute, 33-second video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give it Up.”

“I think I broke Vine,” he tweeted. On his Twitter page, Smidlein is a self-described “web developer.”

The hack came about the day Vine became available as an Android app. Smidlein, who apparently “had experience developing for Android,” says CNN, “translated the app's code into a readable format, then tinkered with parts of the program that lets users upload posts.” 

Smidlein insists that his prank was all in good fun. "Honestly, it was just for my friends and the people who follow me on Twitter and Vine," he said. But, by the time engineers at Twitter had contacted him to remove his post. Smidlein later wrote "sorry, Twitter/Vine engineers. I tried to keep it quiet, but the internet never forgets."

Though he’s caused quite a stir amongst the Twitter and Vine engineers, Smidlein seems to have developed a fan base as well. One user commented that they think Vine should consider hiring him.

Smidlein now is sitting back watching the social media ticker roll:

At this point, I'm just enjoying the fantastic headlines.…

— Will Smidlein (@ws) June 4, 2013

Sources: CNN, Twitter, The Verge


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