Cleveland Cop In Hot Water Over Beer Bong Photo

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A Cleveland police officer was caught on-camera assisting a Browns tailgater with his beer bong.

The photo, originally posted on, shows the officer holding up the beer bong as a man drinks from it.

It has been confirmed that the officer in the picture is Cleveland Patrolman Carl Dooley.

Police and union officials told WKYC that the officer “appears to have used poor judgement.”

Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Jeff Follmer had a slightly different view on the picture.

"Sometimes, officers try to fit into their work environment, meaning no harm or diminishing the esteem of the police department,” Follmer said.

The photo also shows Dooley holding a can in his hand. Whether it was a can of beer, or a soda, is unclear, reports Complex.

Dooley may have disciplinary action taken against him following an investigation.

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Photo Source: WKYC


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