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Cleveland Man Pulls Knife On Woman, Jumps From Eighth Floor to Avoid Police

A 26-year-old man who allegedly attacked his female friend late on Saturday night attempted to evade officials by jumping from the window of her eighth-floor apartment.

The 23-year-old female lived at 1990 Ford Drive in a University Circle apartment building.

The man reportedly cut the woman’s hand with a kitchen knife around midnight. Cleveland police say that when University Circle officers arrived to investigate the situation, the man ran from them and jumped out of the window.

Although he collided with an awning of a Subway restaurant before hitting the ground, the fall knocked him unconscious.

Cleveland police and EMS arrived on the scene, and the unnamed suspect was brought to MetroHealth Medical Center.

The jump created “pandemonium” amongst the building’s other residents.

“Ambulance, police – I didn’t know what was going on,” said tenant Allen Mobley. “There is a lot of crazy people out here who do crazy things to get away from police, and I guess jumping out the eighth floor is one of them.”

He is currently in the hospital with severe head and skeletal injuries. Officials have said that charges against the suspect are pending.

The female victim was taken to University Hospitals, where she was treated for a laceration to her hand.

The building’s other residents agree that this unsuccessful attempt to evade police was both foolhardy and unprecedented.

Ellen Mosby, who, like the victim, lives on the building’s eighth floor, said that “nothing like this has ever happened.”

“I think that’s kinda crazy,” said tenant Nicole Smith. “It’s not really worth it, you know.”

Anyone with information about the assault is asked to contact the Cleveland Division of Police Third District Detective Bureau at 216-623-5318.


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