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Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect Ariel Castro Officially Charged, Brothers Not

The first charges have been filed in the Cleveland kidnapping case.

Suspect Ariel Castro has been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. It is believed that Castro held three women captive - Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus - in his home for almost 10 years. During that time period, one of the women, Berry, had a child. The young girl, who is now 6, is the reason for the fourth kidnapping charge.

Castro’s brothers, Onil and Pedro, were arrested but no charges have been filed against them because there is little evidence that they were involved.

“There is no evidence that these two individuals had any involvement in the commission of the crimes committed against Michelle, Gina, Amanda and the minor child,” said Victor Perez, the city prosecutor. Castro has waived his rights and is cooperating with police, Newser reported.

The women were very rarely allowed to go outside the house or even into the garage and had very few opportunities to escape. Luckily Berry had a chance to make a break for it when Castro left a "big inside door" unlocked.

“From what we know, their only opportunity to escape was the other day when Amanda escaped,” said Capt. Ed Tomba.

A police report about the case revealed the following:

When the women left the house they were disguised in wigs and sunglasses.

Castro forced Knight to deliver Berry's child in a kiddie pool inside the house and threatened to kill Knight if the baby died.

Knight told police that Castro impregnated her five times. He would stop feeding her and punch her in the stomach in the hopes of causing a miscarriage.

The women were kept in separate rooms but were aware of each other's presence.

Sources: Newser, NBC News


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