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Cleveland Cop Refuses To Shoot Gunman Who Shot Him (Video)

A Cleveland police officer's body camera video (below), released on Oct. 8, shows the officer refusing to shoot a suspect who just shot him.

The March 11 incident began when Theodore Johnson's wife went to a police station, and said that her husband had threatened to kill her and their landlord, notes the Associated Press.

The body camera video begins as four police officers climb up the stairs to the second floor of Johnson's apartment. 

Johnson suddenly steps out at the top of the stairs and begins firing at the cops with a handgun.

Officer David Muniz, whose body camera filmed the confrontation, is heard saying that he has been hit. Fortunately, Muniz is wearing a protective vest.

The video then cuts to Muniz and the other officers in an armed standoff with Johnson downstairs.

The audio is difficult to hear, but Muniz tells Johnson: "We don't want to kill you. Just drop the gun."

Johnson insists that he wants to die, but Muniz replies, "No, you don't want to die."

The officers repeatedly tell Johnson that they want to help him, but Johnson refuses their help.

As the situation grows more tense, Muniz tells Johnson, "I know you shot me, but I'm not going to shoot you."

"I don't care!"Johnson replies, "Do what you do, man!"

Moments later, Johnson raises his gun and the video goes dark, which is when the officers fatally shoot him.

A grand jury ruled that the officers should not be charged for the shooting, and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty agreed, notes

McGinty sent a letter to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams that said:

The shooting was reasonable and necessary. The Officers in fact showed remarkable restraint and went above and beyond their duty to seek a peaceful end to a situation that would likely have been deadly to at least one officer were it not for his ballistic vest.

Sources: Associated Press via Chicago Tribune, / Photo Credit: Tim Evanson/Flickr


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