Cleveland Burglar James Blankenship Thought He Could Only Be Arrested At Night


After Cleveland man James Blankenship was caught breaking into his mother’s house, the 22 year old resisted arrest arguing that he could not be arrested during daylight hours.

At 10:58 a.m. on a Wednesday, Blankenship broke into his mother’s house where had had not been welcome for three months and had no possessions. While his mother was walking downstairs in her Eastlake home, she saw her son breaking in through a window after he had removed the screen.

After some searching by police, Blankenship was found in a crawl space thanks to a neighbor who reported seeing Blankenship run behind a nearby house.

“I thought you could only be charged with burglary if you break in during the night time," Blankenship said when police found him. 

Despite his daytime arrest defense, Blankenship eventually conceded and pleaded guilty to burglary on June 26. He was charged with breaking and entering into his mother’s house against her will with a reduced charge awarded to him for pleading guilty.

The young man reported to Willoughby Municipal Court under the ruling of Judge Harry Field. He was fined $100 and sentenced to 180 days in jail with 120 of those days suspended.

Sources: Cleve Scene, WKRC


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