Cleveland 911 Dispatcher Who Spoke With Amanda Berry ‘Under Review’

The 911 dispatcher in Cleveland who took the call from Amanda Berry and hung up on her before police arrived is now under investigation.

“We have noted some concerns which will be the focus of our review, including the call-taker’s failure to remain on the line with Ms. Berry until police arrived on scene,” said Martin L. Flask, director of Cleveland’s Department of Public Safety, in a statement. “Please be assured that this matter will be investigated and, if necessary, appropriate corrective action taken.”

Berry, who was missing since 2003, was able to get the attention of a neighbor, Charles Ramsey, who broke down a door to release her from the home of Ariel Castro. Ramsey let the girl use his phone to call 911.

The recording has been played repeatedly on news and radio shows, and many people have said that there was a lack of urgency in the dispatcher’s manner.

When a frantic Berry asks if the police will be sent now, the operator tells her, "We're going to send them as soon as we get a car open."

Berry responds, “No, I need them now before he gets back.”

However, the dispatcher did send the call to the channel dispatcher in less than 90 seconds. Flask said, "The call-taker complied with policies and procedures, which enabled a very fast response by police."

Police arrived on the scene in less than two minutes.

Sources: Fox 8 Cleveland, Washington Times


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