Clayton Lockett Was Reportedly Tasered Before Botched Execution

Clayton Lockett, the murderer whose botched execution made national news last week, was reportedly tasered on the day of his death. It is has also come out that the insertion point used for the process was in Lockett's "groin area."

According to reports, Lockett had refused to eat all day, wouldn’t cooperate with the prison guards, and had a self-inflicted wound on his arm. Prior to being taken for his execution, Lockett had reportedly refused to be restrained, so officers were forced to use a stun gun.

“After giving a verbal order to be restrained, offender Lockett refused, and an electronic shock device (Taser) was administered," wrote Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton in a timeline outlining the day of Lockett’s execution.

Lockett was set to die by lethal injection, but unusually, a phlebotomist decided to insert the IV near the man’s groin. The convicted murderer should have died within minutes of the drugs being put into his body, but something in the process went wrong, and 43 minutes later, Lockett finally died.

"As the Oklahoma Department of Corrections dribbles out piecemeal information about Clayton Lockett's botched execution, they have revealed that Mr. Lockett was killed using an invasive and painful method - an IV line in his groin,” said attorney Madeline Cohen.

While Lockett’s botched lethal injection has outraged many and caused the state of Oklahoma to reevaluate the way they carry out their executions, friends of Stephanie Neiman, who was 19 when Lockett kidnapped, assaulted, buried alive, and fatally shot her, say they don’t feel bad for Lockett and believe he got what he deserved.

“Stephanie was beat up, she was shot, she was thrown in a grave when she was still alive,” said Marilee Macias. “His little 30 minutes of lying there in anguish, if he was even feeling any anguish for 30 minutes, does not compare at all to anything Stephanie went through or her family. What that guy got, he deserved.”

Other friends say that those who feel bad for Lockett should think about how they would feel if what happened to Neiman happened to one of their loved ones.

“I want them to sit back and think, if that were your child, would you have sympathy?” said Tiajuana Hammock.

Neiman’s family reportedly watched as Lockett was put to death.


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