Too Young For Sex-Ed? New Program Angers Parents


Changes to the Clark County School District’s sexual education curriculum could lead to it beginning as early as kindergarten.

The sexual education curriculum currently begins in the fifth grade in Clark County and is abstinence-based.

That could all change if the school board decides to adopt suggestions outlined in a 112-page document called Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education that was put together by a task force of educators and health experts, reports FOX5.

One change proposed in the document is for sexual education to begin in kindergarten.

Many parents are upset over the proposed changes.

"I was sick to my stomach. My wife and I read it. We're sick to think elementary age kids would be exposed to these types of things," parent Ronald Withaeger said.

Some of the topics that would be covered include healthful dating, marriage, family values, and reproduction.

Masturbation is also an included topic, and a hot point for upset parents.

“’Masturbation should be done in a private place.’ That's kindergarten through third grade. You've got to be kidding me. There's no need to know that at that age," Withaeger said.

A recent Clark County School District meeting brought out dozens of parents and former students who were concerned over the new curriculum.

"Our current sex ed curriculum is based on facts and I suggest we keep it that way,” one parent at the CCSD meeting said.

Referencing the inclusion of topics relating to rape, homosexuality, and masturbation, one parent said, “That’s a dangerous path to be walking.”

A former student of CCSD is for the changes to be made based on her own experience.

"I was sexually assaulted and I didn't get a chance to learn what that meant, they don't teach you consent and that's a big deal,” said Schantilly Tuazon to 8NewsNow.

Clark County School Board Trustee Deanna Wright says the full curriculum will not have to be adopted by the district. She does believe changes may need be made as Nevada ranks seventh in the country in teen pregnancy.

"They put this out so districts can pick and choose from this what they want to teach in a curriculum," Wright said.

Parents will be given the opportunity to express their wishes via a survey.

"We'll be asking with each statement, do you agree we should be teaching this, disagree or [are you] undecided?" Wright said.

Parents also have the right to remove their children from sex education completely.

Photo Source: FOX5


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