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Clara Rector Questioned About Stalking Preacher, Confesses to Murder of Tommy Hope

A woman who was brought in for questioning for sexually stalking and propositioning her pastor suddenly confessed to murdering a man in 2004.

Clara Rector was known to be a stalker of Tommy Hope in Camdenton, Missouri, but police did not suspect her in his murder.

They were first called about Rector last month when a pastor, Jerry Sousley, alerted them that he was being sent messages "regarding inappropriate matters of a sexual nature."

The pastor of Camdenton Bible Baptist church said Rector was stalking him. He found a notebook where she wrote down her sexual fantasies involving Sousley.

Sousley, a married man, said she also made advances. He continually turned her down, but he said that was when her advances became stronger. She would leave notes on his car windshield.

It escalated until one day, Sousley refused to have sex with her and Rector became angry. She said she would "destroy" him.

He then turned to police for help and they arrested Rector.

While they were questioning her, she admitted to murdering Tommy Hope. The case was considered a cold one after they questioned many people but could not identify a murderer. Rector was one of the ones questioned, but she was never charged.

In her confession, Rector explained that she had an affair with Hope. She said one day, she went to his house looking for drugs, and when he didn't have them, she went ballistic. 

Rector jumped on his back and "cut his throat."

"I was high," she said. "And not thinking."

She documented her drug addiction on her blog, PrayReadLive. Calling herself "CJ," Rector explained her past with drugs.

She said, "NOTHING, was able to fill the God-shaped hole in my heart."

Rector is now charged with first degree murder, armed criminal action and aggravated stalking.

Jason Rector, her husband, is believed to have aided her by disposing of her sexual fantasy notebook.

She is expected to be in court on May 28 and has been denied a bond request.

Sources: Daily Mail,Connect Mid Missouri


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