Claim: Photos of bin Laden's Corpse Never Released Because Had Been Shot "Over a Hundred" Times


After terrorist leader Osama bin Laden was killed in his compound, the White House failed to release photos of his corpse. Now, unnamed sources claim that photos were purposely withheld because U.S. troops had taken “turns dumping magazines-worth of ammunition” into his body.

The report alleges that bin Laden “had over a hundred bullets in him, by the most conservative estimate.”

Bin Laden was shot dead by members of SEAL Team Six on May 2, 2011. Matt Bissonnette, one of the operators on the raid, claimed that multiple rounds were fired into bin Laden’s body even after it had already hit the ground. Bissonnette went on to describe the operation in his book, “No Easy Day.”

The new claims allege that the book’s version presented “perhaps the most measured and polite description that one could give of how operator after operator took turns dumping magazines-worth of ammunition into Bin Laden’s body.”

At this time, these claims have yet to be proved.

The Special Operations Forces Situation Report’s (SOFREP) Jack Murphy, an 8-year Army Special Operations veteran, said that the claim has signs of alarming behavior within special operations units. “You may not care if bin Laden got some extra holes punched in him, few of us do, but what should concern you is a trend within certain special operations units to engage in this type of self-indulgent, and ultimately criminal, behavior.”

“Gone unchecked,” Murphy wrote, “these actions get worse over time.”

Last year, Judicial Watch lost a lawsuit over access to the photos.

The excessive gunshot wounds would explain why Obama’s administration prevented the photos from being released; to show the photos, writes Murphy, would be to “show the world a body filled with a ridiculous number of gunshot wounds.”

In comparison to the lack of photos released of bin Laden’s body, both video and photo footage of Saddam Hussein’s hanging were released.


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