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Civility and values...seems to make sense

Dr. Drake's statement is articulate, clear-eyed and reflects the difficult shoes he has to walk in.  No one, under any guise, has the right to intefere with an audiences' rights to listen to a speaker. If you want to more creative and make sure it respects the rights of the audience.  There were 10 good ideas that the Muslim students could have employed that would have accomplished their objectives of protest while respecting the enviornment that allowed them to express that protesting viewpoint.  None of them would have disrupted the Oren experience for the audience, but each of them could have made a powerful statement that the audience wouldn't have missed...including the Ambassador.  Failure is the only punishment for laziness...the Muslim students failed to achieve their objectives because they failed to present ideas or insights for the audience to consider.

Editor's Note: This piece is in regards to this story on Opposing Views.

as well as this one.


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