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Bolivian Government Worker Caught Having Sex In His Office (Video)

A civil servant in Bolivia was caught having sex with a former government employee in the council building. Video (below) of the event can be seen on CCTV footage.

The couple was filmed having sex in several locations throughout the Oruro, Bolivia, office, News Grio reports. The man in the video has been identified as Miguel Medina, the chief systems engineer and council employee.

Photos of the footage were later leaked to Facebook and have since gone viral.

Angry citizens have reported to local governor Victor Hugo Vascquez regarding the event, but no official statement or action has been made. The woman is reportedly a former government employee.

“I bet 99 percent of all government workers do the same, with their secretaries or whoever,” one Facebook user wrote, according to News Grio. “It’s scary how high they get on power.”

Other Internet users have defended the couple, arguing that they were simply enjoying a passionate moment. 

Sources: African Spotlight, News Grio / Photo Credit: Screenshot via News Grio

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