City of Torrance Gives $20,000 to David Perdue, Who Police Wrongly Shot At In Chris Dorner Manhunt (Video)


The city of Torrance paid a man who was mistakenly shot at by police and injured in a police chase $20,000 in compensation for his damaged truck.

Torrance police were searching for the fugitive Chris Dorner when they pursued and targeted David Perdue by accident, leaving his black pickup truck with numerous bullet holes, according to ABC News.

Perdue’s lawyer, Robert Sheahen, said that the $20,000 is one of multiple payments the city will have to compensate Perdue for the mistake, according to the Huffington Post.

Perdue is a former Los Angeles International Airport worker, who handled luggage. Sheahen said Perdue has not been able to return to work since the incident.

Dorner was a former Los Angeles Police Department officer who killed four people in February.

During the hunt for Dorner, police also rammed their cars into his truck, captured him and put a gun to his head.

"You've got all manner of damages. You've got damages from the impact, you've got the psychological damages from the shooting, and you've got nightmares, and he is unable to sleep, and he is unable to work, and he is unable to walk properly,” Sheahen said. “It's just been a living hell for this family.”

The LAPD also shot two women by accident during the chase. The city of Los Angeles compensated them with $4.2 million.

Sources: ABC News, Huffington Post


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