'Someone Can Rob Your House?': City Auctions Off Woman's House Over Tax Bill They Sent To The Wrong Address (Video)


The City of Norcross, Georgia, recently auctioned off Xui Lui's home because she had an overdue tax bill of $94.85, which she never received.

Lui, the mother of a 4-year-old, bought her two bedroom condo in 2011 and has always paid her local taxes, except for the first year.

The city sent her certified letters about the tax bill, but to the wrong address, notes CBS Atlanta.

Lui was recently told by the city that she must move out by Nov. 25 because her condo has been legally sold to another person via city auction.

“Where are we going to go? I have nowhere. This is my house. Why do I need to move out?” Lui told WSB-TV (video below).

Norcross City Manager Rudolph Smith said in a statement on Monday: “We are going back and doing our due diligence. [The city contractor who handled the sale] will try to work something out.”

Lui, who is trying to find a lawyer to stop her eviction, stated, “Someone can rob your house? Rob your property? This is not American style, right?”

Sources: CBS Atlanta, WSB-TV


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