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City Implements 14 MPH Speed Limit

Aspen, Colorado drivers might be surprised to see one speed limit sign that reads: "14."

City Council members decided to implement the 14 mph speed limit because the current 25 mph speed limit running down Main Street is often ignored. 

Drivers often drive down Main Street to avoid Highway 82. These drivers often speed in the area. 

They have tried to get drivers to slow down in many other ways, like adding more stop signs, lowering the speed limit to 25, and offering free bus services, but none have worked. 

While Mayor Mick Ireland originally planned to make the speed limit 18 mph, because it "will attract a driver's attention," the council decided to lower it even more. 

They are also planning to add more speed bumps and stop signs to the West End. 

Trish Aragon, city engineer, said most drivers are traveling at a speed lower than 25 mph, but many residents still complain about the speed. Aragon said tests are underway to see how well the 14 mph speed limit does. 



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