City Employees in Montana Reprimanded After Hiring Ghostbusters


A couple of employees were given reprimands after they hired a ghostbusting group and let them in their office building to set up a camera in an effort to capture paranormal activity.

The New York Daily News reports that one of the employees invited the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team to the county’s health department office after-hours. The ghost-busting group set up an infrared camera in one of the office rooms to monitor the energy flow allegedly created by ghosts.

“She said that a lot of strange things were happening and that she heard strange noises coming out of a certain part of the building,” John DeMuary, the group’s co-founder, told the New York Daily News.

The ghostbusting team, with the help of one of the city employees, reportedly entered the building in August. They say they saw lights flickering on and off and DeMuary, who has been chasing ghosts for more than two years, thought it was “weird.”

Another employee in the office reportedly found the camera a few days later and gave it to the police with concerns that someone was spying on the government workers.

Health department leaders weren’t happy when they heard what had happened.

“I mean, for God’s sake, whenever you are talking about ghosts it’s off the wall,” Chief Executive Matt Vincent told The Montana Standard. “But it’s serious in that the public gives trust in us and we need to take that seriously, and setting up cameras in public buildings to catch paranormal activity I don’t think is gaining the public’s trust.”

Vincent noted that an internal investigation concluded that no crimes had been committed. He also added that the employee who instigated the incident was given a written reprimand and the employee who went along was given an oral reprimand.

Sources: New York Daily News, The Montana Standard


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