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11-Year-Old Girl's Lemonade Stand Products Deemed 'High Risk,' Shut Down By City Officials

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An 11-year-old girl in Western Australia had her lemonade stand closed down by the Bunbury City Council, and the reason why may leave you scratching your head.

The seemingly innocent pop-up shop featured lemonade and a few lemon-based baked goods being sold from “11am until sold out,” according to the handmade poster shared by the girl’s mother on Facebook. Lemon meringue pie, organic lemonade and lemon butter cupcakes were offered to passersby near the young entrepreneur’s house on Dec. 19, and all was going well until someone reported her to the council.

The council promptly forced the girl to shut down her stand on the grounds that it featured “high risk” products. After the girl’s mother expressed her outrage over the incident on her Facebook page, the council issued a response in an attempt to explain their reasoning behind the shutdown.

“Unfortunately the stall was selling food without a permit and the young girl in charge was preparing food without approval,” environmental health manager Sarah Upton told the West Australian Regional. “The girl had manufactured high-risk products containing cream, had no temperature control and had set up a marquee with a couch, chairs and tables in a location where it was unsafe for passing vehicles to pull over safely.”

Upton praised the girl for her efforts, but said the council had no choice other than to shut down the operation.

“Whilst we applaud the young girl’s entrepreneurial efforts it is always important to seek council approval first.”

Do you think the council was right to shut down the young girl’s business?

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Sources: Daily Mail, West Australian Regional / Photo Credit: Facebook, Wikimedia Commons


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