City Clerk Arrested For Impersonating Cop In Philadelphia


Although owners of Crown Vics are typically mistaken for police officers, a man driving a Lincoln Navigator in Philadelphia thought he could get away with posing as an undercover cop. The man, 45-year-old city employee Barry Young, was parked in the car and blocking the entrance to a Midas shop while talking his cell phone when Midas employee David Jones asked him to move his car into the parking lot, ABC reports.

Jones explained how he was confused when Young got out of the car and immediately threatened him.

“He jumped out of his car, pulls a gun on me, tells me he is an off-duty police officer, then he hits me in the face,” Jones said. 

Jones claimed that he believed Young’s claims of being an officer, but still found them strange enough to call 911 and report part of the Navigator’s license plate. 

“I thought he was a police officer but there’s no police officer that should be acting like that. I knew I had to make a complaint about him,” Jones said.

Interestingly, the Navigator did have a Fraternal Order of Police sticker attached to it. Young also works at the sheriff’s office, but he is a clerk rather than an active officer. Young also has a permit that allows him to carry a gun. When he was eventually pulled over by police officers responding to Jones’ call, however, Young incorrectly claimed that he was a deputy officer. 

Despite the strange connections to the sheriff’s office and the legality of Young’s gun possession, the man has been arrested on six charges, including “impersonating a police officer and making terroristic threats,” according to ABC. 

Young has been suspended from his job without pay. He was recently released on bail, however, and he awaits further action involving his case. 


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