City Budget Cuts Force Volunteer Firefighter To Battle Flames Alone (Video)

The Washington Park, Illinois local government administered some serious budget cuts recently. Among the casualties of the budget downsize was the town’s volunteer fire department.

The department is down to just six volunteers. The volunteers report that there is frequently only one of them on duty at a time. Firefighter Dontay Brooks had the unfortunate privilege of being the only firefighter on duty last Wednesday when a fire broke out at an abandoned home. Brooks successfully battled the flames, but he told Illinois news station KSDK it wasn’t easy.

“It was pretty difficult,” Brooks said. “Due to the wind, and I have an occupied home next door. It was pretty difficult to battle the blaze alone.”

After about half an hour, help from neighboring fire departments arrived. The fire was put out and no occupied home was damaged.

“That was my main priority,” Brooks said. “I wasn’t worried about the house. I was worried about the family next door.”

Here is video of the fire and an interview with Brooks:

Sources: Fox 2 Now, The Blaze


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