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City Of Boston Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor Over Snow (Video)

People in Boston have filed more than 5,600 complaints against their neighbors, the city and businesses for not clearing snow-covered sidewalks and roads.

The City of Boston has issued more than 2,000 citations against residents for not clearing snow off sidewalks and walkways, which are owned by the city, but sit in front of residences, noted CBS Boston (video below).

The fines for not removing snow begin at $50, which means a huge windfall for the city.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh supports citing residents for unshoveled sidewalks, but has made excuses for the city's failure to clear the roads.

“I’ve asked people to stay calm and I know people are frustrated. I’m frustrated,” Walsh told Dorchester Reporter. “I’m certainly sick of looking at snow. It’s disrupting people’s lives and the city’s business, but people need to stay patient with us."

“There’s plenty of criticism to go around,” added Walsh. “I could go around and blame people or criticize, but now is not the time. It’s time to work and do our jobs and then go back and evaluate the situations we have to fix and improve. We learn from every storm.”

Sources: CBS Boston, Dorchester Reporter / Image Credit: CBS Boston Screenshot


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