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Citizens Catch Cop Littering, Officer Curses at Them (Video)

Two men recently confronted a police officer in Ferriday, Louisiana, after they witnessed some trash being thrown out of the cop's car on Highway 425.

"I saw your passenger roll down the window and throw out a piece of candy wrapper on the road back there, and I just wanted to let you know that's not right," Marcus Smith told Officer Lee Williams, noted KNOE (video below).

"Let me tell you what you do," replied Officer Williams. "You worry about you."

"It's against the law," added Smith. "You are there to uphold the law."

After Smith and his passenger, Randall Garrett, told Officer Williams they called the police department, the cop replied, "It don't matter to me; what's gonna happen?"

Officer Williams later told Smith, "You pull this vehicle out and get out of my face, that's what you do."

Officer Williams also told Garrett not to speak, but the passenger asserts his right to free speech, to which the cop replies: "Go do something about it ... Why you still talking? Why you still talking?"

"What you missed is you need to grow up, learn the law, then maybe you can say something," lectures Officer Williams.

Officer Williams also tried to quiet Smith by repeatedly stating, "What is it your business?" He also told the men to "go write me a ticket."

Later in the video, Williams seemed to threaten Garrett with a fight, "You come on over here and do something about it." Williams then asked Garrett if he threatened him.

"How long have you been an officer for?" asked Garrett.

"It ain't your f------ business," Officer Williams responded.

At the end of the video, Officer Williams called Smith a "boy."

Ferriday Chief of Police Derrick Freeman told KNOE that he will "handle the situation" but didn't give any details.

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