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Circus Dyed Dogs To Pass Them Off As Pandas (Video)

A circus in Brescia, Italy, reportedly tried to pass off two chow chow dogs as pandas, but got caught.

According to UPI, authorities claim the circus allegedly dyed the chubby dogs’ hair black and white, and then charged children to have their pictures taken with the fake "pandas" (video below).

Forest rangers say the unidentified circus owner told suspicious customers that the animals were half-panda, half-dog hybrids, which is biologically impossible.

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According to The Guardian, the forestry rangers claim the dogs came from Hungary with fake passports showing them to be six months old, but the pooches were younger.

Yahoo! Canada News notes that the circus owner has been charged with animal abuse and defrauding customers.

Sources: UPI, The Guardian, Yahoo! Canada News
Image Credit: UPI Screenshot


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