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Circle K Employee Johnny Jarriel Fired For Defending Himself From an Armed Robber With a Gun

An employee at a Circle K gas station in Douglasville, Georgia, was fired after using a gun to defend himself against an armed robber, and now he’s asking people to boycott the convenience store for what he thinks is wrongful termination.

Johnny Jarriel, an assistant manager, was working just after 9 am when the armed robber came in demanding money. The suspect entered the back room where Jarriel was working at his desk, pepper sprayed him in the face, and made him get on the ground with a gun to his head.

“I can’t really describe all the expletive words he used, but basically ‘give me the money’ or he was gonna kill me and he was very specific about, you know, what he was gonna do to me,” said Jarriel.

It was then that Jarriel sprung into action. When the robber turned around to get into the safe, Jarriel quickly accessed his concealed weapon and began to fire at the robber. The suspect fled after the shots were fired at him.

After the incident, Jarriel was notified by the store that he could no longer work there, as he had broken their no gun policy. Officially, he was fired for, “possession/use of weapons on company property.” Jarriel believes that firing him was wrong on the part of the Circle K and says that he would handle it the exact same way today if faced with that situation again.

“I think the firing was unjustified — I believe it was unjustified,” said Jarriel to WXIA-TV. “I would not change a thing; I would change nothing; nothing would change,”

Jarriel is now calling for a boycott of the store he formerly managed. He claims that the store manager knew that he carried a concealed weapon, but turned his head when it came to enacting the policy because an employee had been murdered at the store a few years prior.

Jarriel says he is currently looking for a lawyer.


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