Cincinnati Teens Attack Bus Riders, Witnesses Laugh (Video)

Some unidentified teens and adults repeatedly attacked passengers during a hellish bus ride in Cincinnati over Labor Day weekend.

According to Local 12 News, the bus was jammed with people who had attended the Riverfest fireworks show (video below).

While the mob attacked an unidentified man, some witnesses actually laughed. Passengers on the bus also filmed the assault with their cell phones.

At one point during the bus ride, passenger Shahid Sylla tried to stop a fight between two girls, but found himself the victim of another attack.

The bus driver called the police, while passenger Nicole Smith grabbed some of Sylla's belongings to prevent theft.

However, Sylla's bike was allegedly stolen by one of the teens and he suffered a broken jaw.

Five people, including two teens, were eventually arrested and charged with aggravated robbery, felonious assault and aggravated rioting.

"You can see in the video there was not a lot of self control on the bus," Cincinnati police Spc. Mark Longworth told WCPO.

"No one really had much of an explanation for why they did it," added Spc. Longworth. "One person said it was because everyone else was."

"The driver in this case did what he should have done," stated Cincinnati Metro spokesperson Sallie Hilvers. "He stopped the bus. He called for help. It was Riverfest night. It was a very busy night for the police and the community overall. Help came as soon as possible."

Sources: Local 12 News, WCPO


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