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Cincinnati High School Student Shoots Himself in Front of Other Classmates

A student attending La Salle High School in Cincinnati reportedly brought a firearm to school and attempted to commit suicide in front of his fellow classmates. The incident occurred inside one of the classrooms. It is currently unclear whether or not there were any teachers or other school officials present at the time.

Fortunately, no other students were injured during the event. Dispatchers reported that a number of students made 911 calls to report the incident. Emergency response teams arrived on the scene and transported the “young man” to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment. The status of the young man is currently unknown.

The school went under lockdown shortly following the shooting. School officials escorted students to the cafeteria and gymnasium, both as a precautionary measure and to explain what had happened. School officials announced that they were offering counseling to any student who felt affected by the event, and they also expressed their intent to speak with eyewitnesses to find out what had happened.

Parents were invited to pick up their children from school if they wished.  

This incident could have been a lot worse. While it is truly unfortunate that the student attempted to take his own life, it would have provoked another national gun control debate if the student had decided to turn his firearm on his fellow students. Once again, this was an incident wherein nobody could have stopped the shooter until it was too late.

In the wake of Newtown and gun control debate on a national level, is this the same story that American school systems are doomed to repeat over and over? A student brings a firearm to school and nobody knows what’s happening until after the bullets have been fired.

Two things are abundtly clear following the recent trend in school violence: something needs to be done, and Americans can’t seem to agree on how to keep children safe. 

Source: Local 12


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