Cincinnati Couple, Joe And Helen Auer, Married For 73 Years Die 28 Hours Apart


An Ohio couple have been married for seven decades, and even death could not tear their love apart.

When Helen Auer, 94, passed away first in her chair on Oct. 15, Joe, her husband of 73 years, gave her a kiss and whispered: “Helen, call me home.” Joe died 28 hours later at age 100, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Joe and Helen were remembered with a joint funeral held Oct. 22 at the same church in Cincinnati, where the two married in 1941.

The pair survived the Great Depression, as well as World War II, which Joe spent three years fighting in. When Joe enlisted in the Army, Helen was pregnant with their second child, Judy. She sent her husband a photo of her with their two children.

Joe was able to keep the photo safe even through the Normandy landings at Utah Beach on D-Day, and the battered picture remained in his wallet until the day he died.

He got a job as an engraver after he came back from the war, and Helen worked in the cafeteria of a local school.

The couple leave behind their nine surviving children, 16 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

"Mom and Dad lived a blessed life,” their daughter Mary Jo Reiners, who retired early to help take care of them, told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “[My mother] loved her family and her friends. She loved being busy with her family.”

Their son, Jerry Auer, added: "They were simple, humble people. They wanted nothing and got everything in return. If somebody were thinking of getting married, they could do a lot worse than to look at my parents.”

In April, Opposing Views reported on another Ohio couple, who died within 15 hours of each other after 70 years of marriage.

According to The Independent, doctors have identified a temporary heart condition known as “broken heart syndrome” that’s usually brought on by the stress of grief.

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Image Credit: Meyer Funeral Home


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