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Church Sign Causes Controversy (Photo)

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Church Sign Causes Controversy (Photo) Promo Image

The community in Jeffersonville, Indiana, is outraged by a Baptist church's sign. The church posted a sign that angered many in the southern Indiana town.

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This controversial sign has been offending residents of the area and has been met with intense criticism from the members of the Jeffersonville community.

The sign right outside of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, which is on a main street in Jeffersonville read, "Stop Sexual Harassment. Wear Clothes." Many saw this as a way to blame the victims of sexual assault. On Sunday, WHAS-TV reports, the sign was taken down.

A Jeffersonville resident, Allyson Condra said, “As a mom of two daughters, this infuriated me. As a female myself, this infuriated me. As a human being, this infuriated me."

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"This brought tears to my eyes, and, I'm sorry, but being a resident in this town of mine that I love, I don't accept this and I do not see that anyone should accept this," added another angry resident of the town, Melissa Scully.

"I mean, would you say that to a 6-year-old girl who has been assaulted when they wear overalls and pigtails," resident Madilyn Shipman added.

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"Pretty much any female, regardless of shape, size, color, race, what they look like, what they dress like, have been a victim of some type of sexual harassment in the past," said Opal Lavon, a Jeffersonville resident. "So it's just completely inappropriate and out of line for anybody or any entity to put that message out there."

A pastor of the church, who has not been named due to privacy issues, told WHAS11 that he didn’t approve of the message on the sign and claims that he was unaware of who put up the message, claiming that someone might have been trying to give people the wrong impression of the church.

According to The Christian Post, its reporters did try to reach out to the church to throw some light on the controversial sign, but the numbers listed for church contacts had been disconnected.

Under the hashtag of #churchtoo, the hundreds of cases of rape, abuse and other forms of assault that took place inside a church, or were done by members of the clergy or members of the church leadership, have been raised.

Many notable women, such as evangelist Beth Moore, and Kay Warren, who is the co-founder of the Saddleback Church in California, have opened up about their experiences in terms of assault.

"We will not retreat from the pain in our midst. Women of all faiths, races, cultures and backgrounds are bravely breaking their silence, yet many in communities of faith do not match their bravery with action. Instead, feeling the problem is too pervasive, they have acquiesced, leaving whole churches and communities paralyzed," the campaign, which goes by the hashtag, #SilenceIsNotSpiritual, has said.

This campaign, which started in December, is meant to support the people and churches that have stood up against those who commit sexual assault.

"But doing nothing is not acceptable. Silence is not spiritual. And action is not optional."

Source: WLKY, The Christian Post / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Pixabay, Dvortygirl/Flickr, Ken Lund/Flickr

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