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Church Pastor Randy Samuels Tries To Shoot Skunk, Bullet Strikes Neighbor Instead

The pastor of a Baptist Church in the small town of Sinton, Texas, is facing a felony charge after shooting his neighbor in the arm by mistake.

Randy Samuels, pastor of Sinton’s First Baptist Church (pictured), told KRIS TV that he was in his yard trying to rid himself a pesky skunk — using a gun. But somehow, his bullet went wild and struck his next-door neighbor, who was relaxing on her back porch at the time.

“When he fired the gun, the bullet appears to have traveled through the bottom of the fence,” Sinton police Lieutenant Scott Roush said. “It may have hit a piece of concrete or something, and it ricocheted. And that’s when it struck the neighbor.”

The neighbor was taken to the hospital with her arm wound, but has since recovered from the injury in the incident that took place several weeks ago, but was made public only this week.

Samuels could face a charge of “deadly conduct,” a felony. Police say the case has been referred to the Patricio County district attorney, who will now decide whether to proceed with a case against the clergyman.

“Everyone was fortunate that the injuries were minor,” said Roush. “But it could have been a lot worse.”

Roush added that Sinton has a city ordinance that prohibits discharging a firearm within city limits, a law that he said is designed for cases just such as the Samuels incident.

“Once that bullet leaves that gun there’s no telling where it’s going to end up,” the officer said. “It’s got to stop somewhere.”

He advised calling the local animal control department to deal with skunks and other pests, rather than shooting them.



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