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Church Makes Unexpected Discovery In Donated Home

Church Makes Unexpected Discovery In Donated Home Promo Image

The chief financial officer of a Minnesota church was shocked to discover a deceased member had left the congregation his giant collection of toy cars.

“I’m still a bit overwhelmed,” Lisa Lundstrom, the financial officer of Celebration Church, said according to KARE 11. “It’s nuts!”

Lundstrom said that the longtime church usher had passed away in December and left the church the contents of his home, said Praise Cleveland. Lundstrom noted that when she walked into the house she was amazed.

The house with filled with shelves piled high with model cars. They filled the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and family room. In total, there were more than 30,000 cars in the collection, including a full size Model T Ford, a ’59 Edsel and a ’66 Rambler.

After tons of research, Lundstrom discovered that the collection was one of the largest in the world. The usher, Dennis Erickson, had collected cars since he was nine years old by scouring antique shops and car shows.

“He would sit and polish these cars every day,” Lundstrom said. “It was his passion.”

Lundstrom noted that many of the display cases were handmade, and that the collection was cataloged in detail. Lundstrom said that Erickson took better care of the cars than most people take care of loved ones in their lives.

Erickson died at 69 surrounded by his cars. Since he never married and never had kids, the church has decided to put a funeral together for him.

Now, Lundstrom is trying to figure out how to sell the entire collection, which will likely amount to a six-figure number. The church plans to remodel and expand its youth facilities with the money. 


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