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Chung Kim Shoots, Kills Neighbors over Dog Defecation (Video)

Two residents at the Sable Ridge Condominium complex in Dallas, Texas, were allegedly killed on Monday morning by fellow resident Chung Kim, 75, over dog defecation and urination.

The victims have not been identified, but neighbors say they include a man and his girlfriend, who happens to be the mother of five children.

Police believe the shooting was the result of a year-long fight between the couple and Kim, who lived downstairs from them.

According to CBS Dallas-FortWorth, the couple's pit bull would urinate and defecate on their balcony and the waste would drip downstairs onto Kim’s balcony.

Kim reportedly complained to the condo association, but nothing was ever done to resolve the messy situation.

A spokeswoman with Child Protective Services says all five children are with relatives.

Kim was charged with murder and currently is hospitalized for treatment of a medical condition.

Source: CBS Dallas-FortWorth


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