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Chuck E. Cheese Gone Wild: 18 Men Fight In Scuffle At Child’s Birthday Party

A Florida child’s birthday party turned into an all out brawl this week, ending with the arrest of the kid’s mother and two others.

According to WPBF, the fight allegedly began after a heated exchange between two men in the restroom of a Chuck E. Cheese in Boynton Beach, Fla. Not too long after the argument started, the dining room erupted in fisticuffs, with about 18 men throwing blows. Employees of the family restaurant were able to push the brawl outside, but not without trampling all over the child’s grandmother in the process.

As if fighting in the middle of Chuck E. Cheese wasn’t enough, the men then drove to another location where the fight continued and a gun was fired from a car, striking a person in the leg.

At the end of the party-turned-brawl, the birthday child’s mother was arrested on drug charges and for defrauding an innkeeper. Two others were also arrested in connection with the fight.

Authorities are still searching for the alleged gunman.

(WPBF, NY Daily News)


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