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Christopher White, World's Worst Burglar, Falls Asleep While Trying to Rob Office

A burglar had his sights set on some computers in a real estate office, but instead of grabbing them and running, he grabbed them and fell asleep.

Christopher White, 26, entered a Remax office in Burlington, Wisconsin during the early hours of Friday. He broke in through a window in the conference room.

He took three computers, set them outside the front door, then went back inside to get more. 

But that's when he decided to give up, pull a bear skin off the wall, curl up on it and fall asleep.

When employees arrived for work in the morning, they knew there was a burglary as they saw the broken window and the computers out front. They called police, who then looked around the building for more evidence.

They found the best evidence of all when they looked in the basement and found White still asleep on the bear skin.

"The fact he was still inside the building was mind blowing," realtor Justin Mueller said. "This is officially his bedroom."

After they woke White up, he admitted he had been drinking the night before and was "just cold and tired."

He also said he tried to break into an apartment building before he broke into Remax.

White is facing two burglary charges and is set to appear in court for a preliminary hearing this month.

Source: Today's TMJ,Daily Mail


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