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Christopher Wayne Dillingham Blows Up Dog, Gets One Year In Jail

A Washington man who blew up his dog last August to prepare for the Rapture was sentenced to 12 months in jail on Thursday.

Christopher Wayne Dillingham, 45, pleaded guilty to possession of an explosive device without a license and first-degree animal cruelty.

Dillingham attached a small bomb to the collar of his ex-girlfriend’s dog and set if off Aug. 5. He later admitted to killing the dog because his ex-girlfriend had “put the devil in it,” according to court documents.

Prosecutors had previously gotten criticized for not initially charging Dillingham with animal cruelty, with Undersheriff Dave Cox citing that the “death [to the dog] was instantaneous.” Skamania County prosecutors later told KATU-TV they wanted to charge Dillingham with what would set his bail at the highest possible level.

“I don’t think anybody in my office or prosecutors of the criminal justice system will sit back and say the dog is no big deal,” Sheriff Dave Brown told KATU.

Police responded to Dillingham’s home at about 4 a.m. on Aug. 5 following neighbors’ reports of an explosion. When they arrived, they found the dog, three-year-old Cabella, decapitated. The dog’s body parts were thrown all over the yard.

Dillingham had also thrown out several household items into his lawn, including a sofa because he was preparing for the “end of the world” and a “nuclear strike,” according to Metro.

Ty Freemantle, Cabella’s previous owner, was moving away when a friend recommended the Dillinghams to him. He was devastated upon hearing the news.

“I felt a bit of guilt too. It’s the worst part,” Freemantle told KATU.

Dillingham, who has a history of domestic violence charges, used to own a fireworks stand, according to the Huffington Post.

Sources: KATU, Huffington Post, Metro


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