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Christopher Dorner Police Shootout Audio (Warning: Language)

Fugitive Christopher Dorner and police officers exchanged “hundreds of rounds” on Tuesday afternoon in an episode that left at least two San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies wounded.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Dorner broke into a cabin off Route 38 in Calif. several days ago. He purportedly tied up a couple that was living inside and held them hostage until he departed on Tuesday morning.

It remains unclear at this moment whether he stole the couple’s vehicle or someone else’s, but somehow he came across a white pickup truck.

Later in the day, having been informed of the type of car that Dorner was suspected to have stolen, officers spotted him and tried to stop him. In the melee, Dorner crashed his vehicle and attempted to shoot his way out of the situation.

Jimmy Orr of the Los Angeles Times passed along this sound from the exchange:

Unable to escape, Dorner is believed to have barricaded himself inside a cabin. Per the most recent reporting from the area, he has been firing on officers from inside said cabin. 

Although they appear to have Dorner pinned down, officers have not yet arrested him.

Update: One of the officers involved in the initial shootout has died.

Update 2: The cabin has gone up in flames and Dorner never emerged. He's presumed dead. For now.

(Los Angeles Times)


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