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Christina Grimmie's Killer Thought They Were Getting Married

Christina Grimmie's killer was an obsessed fan who tried to transform himself to become more attractive in various ways, former co-workers of the man report.

Kevin Loibl has a "boundless infatuation" with Grimmie, according to TMZ.  He tried changing his appearance by getting hair transplants, Lasik eye surgery, and even adopting a vegan diet in order to shed pounds.

Loibl would apparently listen to Grimmie's music at work and vowed to coworkers at Best Buy's Geek Squad that he would someday marry the 22-year-old singer, who rose to fame through her YouTube channel and then in the sixth season of NBC's "The Voice," according to the New York Post.

He had previously hinted to his coworkers that he had actually met Grimmie at a concert and said that he had played online games with Grimmie before.  A source close to the late singer said this was untrue, and that Grimmie and Loibl never had contact.

Loibl reportedly became enraged after discovering that Grimmie was already dating her producer; although the information was not public, her pictures on social media revealed as much.

This was apparently the spark that turned Loibl's love obsession with Grimmie into a violent one, leading to the shooting and killing of the young singer on June 10 in Orlando.  Loibl fatally shot himself after injuring Grimmie, who died the following day.

Sources: New York Post, TMZ / Photo credit: Ayala Malls via Rappler

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